Street Artists Paint an Entire School Building Before it is Demolished

As part of the Rehab 2 festival, 100 artists were recently given the opportunity to paint the interior of a soon to be demolished student residence at the Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris, making it their canvas.

Although the dormitory and all the works will be destroyed when the dormitory is renovated, several photographers have extensively documented the space, creating a lasting visual document. Jonk Photography uploaded a huge selection of images that allow us to experience the space even if you can’t make it over to Paris.

Here’s some of our favs:

Morne Dmjc

Benjamin Nosbé

Doudou Style and Caligr

Mister Wire

Lord Urb1, Moyoshi, and Kesadi

Olivier Poizat and Kesadi


Kalouf and Y?not

Jérôme Laurent

Dubol Art

Jo Di Bona

Bust the Drip and Charlène Candératz

Lord Urb1

Ernesto Novo


Joachim Romain and JM Robert

Charlotte Coupures and SIFAT


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