Tattooed Stocking Legs by Thieves of Tower


Tattoo duo Thieves of Tower take “She’s got legs” to a whole new level with spectacularly tattooed landscape scenes on the backs of legs, giving the distinct impression that the tattooed wearer is sporting a beautifully intricate pair of leggings or stockings.  They probably won’t keep you warm and may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the artistry is sublime!

ThievesofTower1 ThievesofTower2 ThievesofTower3 ThievesofTower5 ThievesofTower6 ThievesofTower7


The duo don’t limit the body parts they tattoo to just legs, spreading their skills to other areas of the body as well:

ThievesofTower8 ThievesofTower9 ThievesofTower10 ThievesofTower11

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