When do you use the Art Watchdogs?

If you have any concerns about an artwork listed on artFido, or that something in a listing is simply ‘not quite right’, we encourage you to report your concerns to the artFido Art Watchdogs.


Who are the Art Watchdogs?

The Art Watchdogs are independent art experts with skill and experience when it comes to reviewing artworks.

The Art Watchdogs team presently consists of a range of art specialists. Many have expertise and industry experience in reviewing the works of particular artists, not just from Australia and New Zealand, but from around the globe. Others have expertise and industry experience in reviewing specific genres of art. Some even have both! The Art Watchdogs include (in alphabetical order):

ADRIAN NEWSTEAD (NSW, expertise in aboriginal art)

ALEX McCULLOCH (VIC, expertise in modern Australian, contemporary, graffiti and street art)

ALISON BURTON and DR JOHN GREGORY (VIC, expertise in the artworks of Howard Arkley)

ANNA GRODEN (NSW, expertise in Australian and contemporary art)

BRENDA COLAHAN (NSW, expertise in modern and contemporary Australian, international and aboriginal art)

DR DIANE MOSSENSON (VIC & WA, expertise in aboriginal art)

FIONA McINTOSH (NSW, expertise in early 20th century Australian art, and modern and contemporary Australian art)

GUY ABRAHAMS (VIC, expertise in Australian photographs after 1930 and Australian paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints, cartoons, and ceramics after 1950)

KALLI ROLFE (VIC, expertise in Australian contemporary art and the artworks of Howard Arkley)

KEN McGREGOR (VIC, widely published art author and art curator with expertise in Australian art and aboriginal art from the Western Desert. Also has specific expertise in the artworks of John Olsen, John Perceval and David Larwill)

LINDA TYLER (AUCKLAND, NZ, director of the Centre for Art Research, University of Auckland, and the Gus Fisher Gallery, with expertise in early New Zealand Art)

LOUISE SMITH (VIC, expertise in Australian art from 1940 to present day, including aboriginal and Torres Strait Island art)

MARTIN BROWNE (NSW/NZ, expertise in New Zealand art, in particular the artworks of Colin McCahon)

SAM DICKERSON (NSW, expertise in the artworks of Robert Dickerson)

SARRAH SHAPLEY (ACT, expertise in international contemporary art, European romantic art and Australian art after 1880)

SUZANNE BEER (WELLINGTON, NZ, expertise in early New Zealand art)

TOBY & MELIKA (VIC, expertise in urban and street art)

TRISH CLARK (AUCKLAND, NZ, expertise in New Zealand art and international art)

WALTER GRANEK (VIC, expertise in the artworks of Charles Blackman)

WARREN JOEL (VIC, expertise in Australian and international art)

The Art Watchdogs team also contains a number of experts not listed above who specialise in the artworks of specific artists, such as Brett Whiteley, Clifford Possum Tjapaltjarri, Rover Thomas and Clarice Beckett, to name but a few.

Are you interested in becoming an Art Watchdog? If you are, we would love to hear from you. For further information please email us at [email protected].

What do the Art Watchdogs do?

The Art Watchdogs periodically and selectively review certain listings on our website. Following this, the Art Watchdogs provide us with advice. In particular, the Art Watchdogs bring to our attention any listing of an artwork for auction or sale which, in their opinion, is potentially problematic in some respect, based on the limited nature of their review.

When the Art Watchdogs conduct a review, they:
• review a listing of an artwork for auction or sale (which may include images of the artwork which the seller has uploaded) – they don’t inspect or review the actual artwork ‘in the flesh’;
• assess any image(s) of the artwork which the seller has uploaded as part of the listing, which aren’t always of great quality – unfortunately, the quality of an image may vary across listings, as it is the seller who personally takes and uploads the images onto our website; and
• review the listing in a short time frame – especially when compared to the extended time an art expert takes when they personally inspect an artwork ‘in the flesh’ to authenticate it.

An Art Watchdog will only provide an opinion if they have the relevant expertise and experience, and are available to conduct the review.

What don’t the Art Watchdogs do?

The Art Watchdogs don’t:
• review all the listings on our site. That means the Art Watchdogs may not have reviewed a particular listing referring to an artwork that you are interested in. So, don’t assume that they have, or rely on them having done so.
• guarantee their opinion is necessarily correct. Neither do we.
• verify whether an artwork itself is authentic. Artwork authentication is difficult and complex. Given the limited nature of the Art Watchdogs’ review, they don’t have the means or capacity to verify whether an artwork referred to in a listing is authentic. For example, very rarely will the Art Watchdogs have any personal knowledge of either the artwork referred to in the listing, as in most cases they haven’t personally inspected it ‘in the flesh’; or the details contained in the listing (such as the image(s) the seller has uploaded), as they haven’t produced or investigated those details.

Important information about legal issues

We hope that you enjoy using our website, and that you find the Art Watchdogs helpful. But there are certain things that we, and the Art Watchdogs, can’t promise or guarantee. Our Terms of Use contain a list of these things. You can access that document here.

In summary, just because an artwork is listed on artFido, that doesn’t mean that we, or the Art Watchdogs, warrant or represent that the Art Watchdogs have reviewed the listing, or formed any particular opinion about it, including an opinion that the artwork referred to in the listing is authentic. Whatever you rely on, you must rely on your own inquiries, especially regarding the artwork’s authenticity.

To the extent the law permits, neither we nor the Art Watchdogs will be liable to anyone in relation to any legal claims arising directly or indirectly from the listing, auction or sale of any artwork, regardless of whether or not the Art Watchdogs reviewed the listing. You use the website, and buy or sell any artwork listed on it, at your own risk.

If this summary and our Terms of Use conflict, the Terms of Use prevail. So, please read the Terms of Use carefully.

How do I contact the Art Watchdogs?

You can contact the Art Watchdogs in one of two ways:
• If you are a member and logged into artFido, each listing page provides you with a link to the Art Watchdogs under the TOOLS panel. Just click on the link and follow your nose.
• You can also email [email protected] stating your name, your artFido username, the relevant listing details (including the listing number), and your concerns about it.


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