Woman in Japan Walks the Streets With a Custom Pair of Pigeon Shoes

Designer Kyoto Ohata is a problem solver. You see Kyoto often walked through an area filled with pigeons in Japan and was concerned that her presence was frighting them as they scattered each time she passed.

To overcome this problem and befriend the pigeons, Kyoto created her own pair of hilarious pigeon-themed high heels.

What do you think about the end result? If you like them, you can even make your own! Instructions below…

Want to make your own DIY shoes? See, step by step, how Ohata turned an ordinary pair of heels into a hilarious showpiece.

Step 1: the heads are carved from foam and then carefully covered with felt.

Step 2: purchase some cheap heels and glue the body of the pigeon to the back of the shoes.

Step 3: cut the wing pieces from a denser felt.

Step 4: cut smaller circles of grey and black felt to use as feathers, gluing them to your wing pieces.

Step 5: attach the wings using a generous helping of PVA glue.

Step 6: using softer felt, roll out 8 balls that will be the eyes and nostrils of your two feathered friends.

Step 7: similarly to how the side wings were made, create shapes to cover the tips of the shoes.

Step 8: use rigid wire to form the feet, covering each one in red felt and even add some painted accents.

Step 9: attach the feet on either side of the heels and add on the eyes, nostrils, and beaks. Voila!

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